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  • CMS - easy website admin panel

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Intuitive CMS

Website configuration has never been that easy.

The intelligent administration panel will allow you to customize your website easily while providing you with all the necessary tips.

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Online Video

Our system will allow you to put video on your site.

Even though TempLays costs just a little bit it still allows you to put as much as 150 MB of video footage on your website!

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...and more!

We have got a lot of extra features:

  • - Interactive contact forms to be used on your website
  • - Possibility to add your own logo
  • - Interactive guestbooks with moderation
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What makes a website is currently the best way to present and promote the company?

Website is many things: it is telling you showcase, advertising and generally available web application.

Attaching websites is a step, which determines more and more entrepreneurs. They allow them to exist in the network and present your offer to thousands of Internet users around the world, regardless of where they are located. Establishment of the website need not be a laborious process that at all, and long-term. We offer web templates make the time from idea to the point where you will be able to enjoy your own party now - reduced to a minimum. We present a ready-made web designs in a wide range of variants, prepared for a variety of industries. Certainly, here you will find a concept that perfectly correspond to the nature of your business. Presented here ready web sites can be viewed in the demo, just a few simple steps, however, that one of them has become a fully functional site for your business.

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